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Boboduck Baby Food Fruit Feeder

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⭐️  Why you need to buy a baby fruit feeder ?

The baby's throat is delicate and it is prone to choking when eating fruit directly.

👍  Features :

🔸 Safe material 

◾ Food and pharmaceutical grade silicone, soft and durable , 100% no BPA. 

🔸 Soft pouch with 2 mm small holes for easy feeding 

◾ Fruit doesn't clog and the juice can overflow evenly

🔸 Well sealed

◾ Prevents juice side leakage - While enjoying the delicious food, it will not stain your baby's clothes

🔸 Round handle, comfortable grip

◾ It is helpful to exercise the coordination of the baby's hands, eyes and mouth

🔸 Textured silicone surface

◾ Works best with frozen fruit or iced fruit . 

◾ Protect the baby’s gums. soothe teething pain and also massage baby's gum.

🔸 High temperature resistance, no odor

◾ It can be disinfected with water at 100℃,also can be steam disinfection and ultraviolet disinfection

🔸 Pushable and rotatable design

 ◾ Exercise the baby's hand, mouth and other coordination

◾ It is beneficial to the development of baby's teeth and brain

❓ How to use it ? 

◾ Cut the fruit or vegetable into strips or sheet.

◾ Screw out the handle to put the strips into the strainer.

◾ The baby will hold the handle to suck the silicone strainer net to enjoy the food.

◾ The residue shall be removed after sucking.

✨ Specification :

Product:Fruit Feeder

Material:100% food grade silicone, PP

Temperature resistance:120 ℃

Dimensions:50 x110 mm / 1.96 X 4.33 inches

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