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Mamanex Supplemental Lactation Aids (SLA) helps parents breastfeed their babies while simultaneously supplementing with formula or pumped milk.There are lots of reasons why breastfeeding doesn't always come easily.

When that happens,a supplemental lactation aids (SLA) may help ensure your baby gets the nutrition she needs untill your milk production is fully up and running.

An SLA consists of a bottle filled with either pumped breast milk or formula that's attached to your breast and may hang around your neck,along with one or two narrow,flexible tubes that extend outwards.The tubes are taped to your breast so they may reach slightly past your nipples,which lets your baby to suck from the breast while getting milk or formula from the tube at the same time.It also designed to help adoptive mothers breastfeed by inducing lactation,avoid nipple confusion and nipple preference.


1.The mamanex SLA enable mums to breastfeed when they would otherwise be unable to do so.

2.Help the baby train their sucking behavior.

3.Help the baby to suck properly by creating a vacuum at the breast.

4.Help to stimulate breast milk supply through direct sucking from baby.

5.Create unique bonding between mother and baby.

6.For mother who have low milk supply.

7.Allows adopted babies to be fed at the breast.

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